From Thailand to the streets and beaches of Granada, Spain; Grin&Kooky adds an extra twist to this experience, turning it into a true ICE CREAM SHOW!


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Going out for ice cream is always a great plan. There's that element of craving, which gives rise to the desire to arrive and choose the flavor you wanted, and maybe add another one you read about on the menu to create the perfect combination.

In addition, this simple act is considered one of the most relaxed and fun in the world. From when we're little, as we grow up and even as we age, ice cream is a part of our happy moments.


Our clients contacted us looking for a brand that caters to the demands of the general public: both those who prefer natural and buttery flavors. That's where Grin and Kooky come in, a language deformation that emulates the most "chill," green, and natural with crazy chocolaty cookies.

Chocolate or cereal balls, gummies or fresh fruits... it's all part of that desirable experience that everyone gets wrapped up in. The toppings that go on top of ice cream were the inspiration for the graphic design system.


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